Social, Environmental, AND Financial returns? Now that’s crazy…

By Rosie Sharp

Investors’ Circle was recently highlighted on Cause Capitalism’s list of “15 Social Venture Capital Firms That You Should Know About,” which discusses the changing nature of funding for social enterprises.

This type of out of the box thinking is finding its way into mainstream business and financial systems more and more each day. Social Entrepreneurship is growing in popularity and will hopefully be a trend that lasts for the sake of our planet and all those who inhabit it. It is true that sometimes sacrifices must be made as far as the scale of financial returns when a company has social and environmental priorities, but one truth that our past presenters and portfolio companies have proven is that it is possible to not only run a successful social enterprise, but also to scale that business into sustainable, lasting change. Will higher education and traditional markets pick up on this idea of a triple bottom line so social enterprises can continue to thrive? This is what we hope to achieve through impact investing and the success of our conference, coming up in less than two weeks!

Check out the article here:

Support the patient capital movement, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs at our Spring 2010 Conference and Venture Fair on April 18-20 in San Francisco, CA. Online registration closes Friday, April 9th so be sure to register today!


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