Unlikely Revolutionary or New Age Activist?

by Kelsi Boyle, Communications Associate

As I sip my  mug of Salt Spring Coffee this morning, I give a little a nod of thanks to  Renewal/Renewal2 Investment Fund for supporting such an overall responsible company (fair trade, organic, carbon neutral, reforestation programs… the list goes on).  Joel Solomon, CEO of Renewal2 and an Investors’ Circle Member since our inception in 1992, was recently profiled in Vancouver Magazine.  Frances Bula’s article explores the green movement that Solomon has been inconspicuously developing for almost two decades.

Joel Soloman, IC Member

Joel Solomon, IC Member

Described as “tall and lanky, with rectangular metal glasses, shapeless black jeans, black runners, and a nondescript suit jacket,” Solomon doesn’t seem to fit the mold of someone driving Vancouver towards sustainable business.  However, that is exactly the revolution he has been building.  With the help of the foundation co-founded with Rubbermaid heiress Carol Newell and an uncanny knack to build enthusiasm around “for-benefit” businesses, he has influenced countless high-net-worth individuals to put capital into just causes.

More than a connector, Solomon also backs his passion with his own dollars, pouring money into enterprises across the fields of organic food, holistic health, eco-consumer products, and more.  His passion for environmental and social justice sets him apart from the business types typically found in Vancouver: “the rich and powerful, who dominate business with a little philanthropy on the side; [or] the earnest and well-meaning, who dominate the social movements and low-income tax brackets.”  Solomon, to me, represents what is possible in our rapidly-evolving and evermore aware capital market.  Sustainability and success can and DO go hand in hand.


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