Ethical Markets Covering THE IC DEBATE: “The Sell Out”

This April, Ethical Markets will attend the Investors’ Circle Spring Conference to provide exclusive coverage of a provocative addition to their program—THE IC Debate: “The Sell Out.” This session will get to the heart of one of the biggest tensions among mission-focused investors – the question of the liquidity event or rather, the exit.


This interactive session will be moderated by Mark Albion, the founder of Net Impact and best-selling author of such titles as Making a Life: Making a Living. With over twenty years experience balancing business with community and personal happiness, Mr. Albion will urge the panelists and audience to tackle the big issues of scaling a mission-driven business. Is a successful, mission-aligned exit possible? If so, how can we get there?

The hot seats belong to Judy Wicks—Founder of White Dog Café and Co-Founder of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) and Pierre Ferrari— Board Chair of Ben & Jerry’s and Co-Founder of EthixVentures. Pierre’s experience during the sale of a truly iconic mission focused business (Ben & Jerry’s) to a multi-national (Unilever) versus Judy’s mission-first exit strategy is sure to deliver some heat. How can the investor, the entrepreneur and the stakeholders achieve their triple-bottom-line mission in a way where everyone comes out ahead?

judy-wicks-200x250 mark-albion-250x200 pierre-ferrari-200x250

More information about the Investors’ Circle Spring Conference can be found here.

**Advanced registration discounts are available until April 14th.**


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