The Prosperous Cycle of Social Enterprise: Investors’ Circle Will Hold First 100% Carbon Neutral Event

In today’s economic downturn, where the fall of one big domino in the financial system forecasts the fall of several others, it’s important to also take a look at the positive feedback cycles spinning up among the new models of a triple-bottom-line enterprise. At the Investors’ Circle conference and venture fair this past November in Boston MA, 20 early-stage companies in cleantech, alternative media, sustainable consumer products, and healthcare presented to a room of 150+ investors specifically interested in socially responsible investment opportunities.  renewablechoice1

One of those companies was Renewable Choice Energy, a full-service supplier of voluntary carbon credits and renewable energy credits. In 2007 alone, the company sold over 1 million Renewable Energy Credits which is the equivalent of taking over 110 thousand cars off the road or planting 5.5 million trees. At the IC conference, the company’s CEO connected with an IC angel investor who later invested 100k in the company. This capital has helped Renewable Choice meet the growing demand for carbon credits.

This season, Investors’ Circle and Renewable Choice will be teaming-up again: The company has agreed to sponsor the Investors’ Circle Spring Conference and Venture Fair to make the event carbon neutral for the first time in the organization’s history. Although Investors’ Circle has been working since its inception to green its events through local and organic catering, waste reduction processes, opt-in carbon offsetting, and other measures, this is the first time that Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will be used to offset the entire event’s carbon use, including flying attendees and presenters from across the country to converge in San Francisco.

quayle-hodekAs a network of socially and environmentally mission-driven businesses and investors, this is exactly the type of long-term partnership that Investors’ Circle strives to achieve. The organization’s ideal relationship with an entrepreneur is one where she receives support from the membership early on, finds growth capital through the network, goes on to prosper and expand successfully, and then comes back to us to tell her company’s story, share services, support newer entrepreneurs, and ultimately become a member angel investor herself.

The 2009 Spring Investors’ Circle Conference and Venture Fair will feature presentations from 21 new companies, a debate on mission aligned exits, a panel discussion on the prospects of social enterprise for the new decade, as well as a number of focused breakout sessions. For more information, please visit the Investors’ Circle website at


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