Dose of Optimism – An Interview with Karyn Barsa

In preparation for her panel at the Green Cities Conference taking place May 19-21 in Orlando, Karyn Barsa was interviewed by Green Cities’ Kimberly Miller.

karyn-barsa-photoBarsa discusses her journey to Investors’ Circle… a riveting road from investment banking to mission-based investing.  Finding inspiration while serving as Patagonia’s CEO, she “became quite a convert in [her] understanding about what for-profit can do to actually make a difference in the world.”

An optimist during these trying times, Barsa asserts that those involved with socially-responsible business may “feel that we have a wind at our backs.”  After all, as the previous economic order crumbles, mission-aligned businesses that emphasize people, planet and profit now have the opportunity to build a NEW economic landscape.  A future based on transparency, that solves environmental and social issues, is right around the corner.

Barsa’s silver lining?  “Economic cycles can be very painful to go through but they always come through in the end, and we see an upswing, and I think that social enterprise and sustainable businesses will be at the forefront of all this as soon as we start to pull out of the tailspin.”

Read the full interview here.


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