Musings About True Value of Economic Systems

I came across this article by John Friedman that I found really interesting.

Here’s a blurb:

“…How does this apply to sustainability? If one accepts the fundamental premise that any system will produce the outcome(s) that it was designed to produce (no matter what the intention) then we must take heed that the economic systems in place are creating “bubbles” of increasingly alarming size at an increasingly alarming rate – from the tech boom to the escalation of real estate prices and, apparently stock markets around the world.

Economic systems that create “bubbles” rather than real value are not sustainable. When trillions of dollars in value evaporate overnight, it is fair to say that the value didn’t exist to begin with. Clearly the system needs to be adjusted if we are to change the outcome. We cannot be satisfied if we continue to patch the holes in the levees and hope that we get out before the next flood.

Sadly it gets wrapped up in political agendas so that when one talks about reinventing markets it gets translated as anti-American, anti-Capitalist or anti-Freedom…”

It makes me really appreciate what Investors’ Circle has been trying to achieve over the last 17 years.  Building a sustainable economy means looking at long-term results and long-term impact.  This also means appreciating various value streams beyond just the bottom line.  Our investors and our community care about supporting business that really DOES achieve success in all three arenas: people, planet, profit.  Does this mean we’re “Anti-Capitalist?”  Or does this simply mean we aim to re-shape the meaning and implications of Capitalism itself……



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