Call For Social Ventures!

Present your business plan to the oldest and largest network of investors dedicated to funding mission-driven companies.

Application Deadline: January 15th


Learn more here.

Spring 2008 Testimonial

“More than any other experience, Investors’ Circle has helped Montana Renewables shape our story and attract investment. Presenting at the Spring 2008 conference was the ideal way for our start-up to adopt a disciplined approach to sharpening and communicating our business strategy. IC’s supportive staff and leadership helped us uncover our central advantages and address our weaknesses. The member-led due diligence that followed was equally sophisticated.
IC members are exactly the type of investors Montana Renewables is looking for: investors who share our vision for more sustainable industry, and who express their commitment with patient, long-term investments. It’s about more than money for this group–they want you to succeed financially, but not at the cost of forfeiting your social and environmental values.
Presenting at the IC conference would have been worth it even if we hadn’t been funded–the experience has been that helpful.”
–Jere Kolstad, CEO & President

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