Plenary Topic a Hit, Proving Crisis Times Demand New Approaches

Investors’ Circle thanks everyone who was able to make it out to Boston for the 2008 Fall Conference and Venture Fair.  Despite cutbacks and penny-pinching across the board… there were still about 300 people in the audience eager to learn about social enterprise and its potential to shape our new economy.  A riveting panel comprised of Doug Bauer – Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Mindy Lubber – Ceres, John Abele – Boston Scientific, and Ben Cohen – Ben & Jerry’s, debated the development of a fourth sector and explained how transparency and responsibility in business will reflect positively on our wider economic climate.

What was the audience reaction??

  • Nice juxtaposition on the plenary panel of “fix the mainstream” approach and “create separate infrastructure” approach.
  • I enjoyed the “tell it like it is” view.
  • The panel was effective and thought provoking.
  • Now is not the time to shy away from the facts: we are in a major recession.  I commend Investors’ Circle for being solution-oriented and facilitating such an important and timely discussion.


As the oldest and largest national angel network dedicated to mission-driven investing, IC is proud to still be on the cutting edge!  Finally… the world is catching on!

Stay tuned to see how our 2009 Spring Conference program develops….


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